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2017-11-28Call for Papers : Second International Workshop on Bilevel ProgrammingConferences
2017-11-20ORBEL 32 - Call for AbstractsConferences
2017-11-19Appel à candidatures: les Pros de la RO (meilleur projet de RO/AD)Various
2017-11-13Operations Research 2018 Brussels: First call for abstractsConferences
2017-11-06Education: EURO PhD School and NATCORVarious
2017-10-11Vacancy for a PhD position in Operations Research at the ANT/OR group - 2nd callJobs
2017-10-11135th European Study Group Mathematics with Industry 2018Conferences
2017-10-11VUB: PhD position in data analyticsJobs
2017-10-02Call ELAVIO XXII, ChileConferences
2017-10-02IFORS News - September issueVarious
2017-10-02EURO Winter Institute on Lot Sizing and Related TopicsConferences
2017-10-02EURO Mini Conference on Conferences
2017-09-21ORBEL AwardVarious
2017-08-21Junior research position at Ghent UniversityJobs
2017-07-19PhD position in Computational Engineering and Science - Controllability of Transportation NetworksJobs
2017-05-31Researcher/PhD position modelling & simulation at the Royal Military Academy, Dept of MathematicsJobs
2017-05-16CSD 8 - Last call and important newsConferences
2017-05-12Workshop: Criteria Interactions in Multi-Criteria Decision AnalysisConferences
2017-05-12AFOR 2017Conferences
2017-05-03Call for papers: VNS2017 (5th International Conference on Variable Neighborhood Search)Conferences
2017-05-03PhD position in Operations Research at the ANT/OR group (UAntwerpen)Jobs
2017-03-22Tenure Track Position at UMONS (Computer Science)Jobs
2017-02-18Vacancy PhD student Logistics Hasselt UniversityJobs
2017-02-09Computers in Scientific Discovery 8 - Call for participationConferences
2017-02-04Minutes GA February 2, 2017Various
2017-02-04Workshops and streams Data Science meets OptimizationConferences
2017-01-27ORBEL general assembly, Thursday, February, 2, 2017, BrusselsVarious
2016-12-20IFORS News - December issueVarious
2016-12-15ORBEL 31: call for abstracts (extended)Conferences
2016-12-12ORBEL 31: call for abstracts [Reminder]Conferences
2016-12-12ORBEL 31: call for abstracts [Reminder]Conferences
2016-11-19BIVEC-GIBET Transport Research Days at ULgConferences
2016-11-14ORBEL 31: call for abstractsConferences
2016-10-30Special issue GO XVarious
2016-10-24Orbel Wolsey Award: submission deadline extended to November 15Various
2016-10-07Winter school Conferences
2016-10-07ELAVIO 2016Various
2016-10-06PhD vacancy at ZHAWJobs
2016-09-22Assistant Professor at Faculty of Military Sciences at Netherlands Defence AcademyJobs
2016-09-22ORBEL AwardVarious
2016-09-19IFORS News - September issueVarious
2016-09-152017 EURO Winter Institute on “Methods and Models in Transportation Problems”Conferences
2016-07-24Call for Papers Special Issue JIMO EURO 2016Conferences
2016-07-24Call for Papers Special Issue ORHC EURO 2016Conferences
2016-07-15Tenured academic staff / Tenure track lecturer Operations Management and LogisticsJobs
2016-06-29Ph.D. position in Operations Management at Ghent UniversityJobs
2016-06-21RMA 2 Ph.D. positions in modelling and simulationJobs
2016-06-08INRIA / ULB Ph.D. position in Operations ResearchJobs
2016-06-06IFORS June Issue Now AvailableVarious
2016-06-06Vacancies at KU Leuven KULAKJobs
2016-06-03LAST CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: BENELEARN 2016Conferences
2016-05-25Vacancies at KULAKJobs
2016-05-20CORE@50 Public plenary sessionsConferences
2016-05-02CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: BENELEARN 2016Conferences
2016-04-26job opening VUB: big data and analyticsJobs
2016-04-20A Postdoc Position available at INRIA Lille (INOCS Team)Jobs
2016-04-12EURO Mini Conference DA2PL'2016 (From Multiple Criteria Decision Aid to Preference Learning)Conferences
2016-04-07IPCO 2016Conferences
2016-04-04Railway Operations Research Seminar – KU Leuven – May, 3, 2016Conferences
2016-03-30Energy experts discuss tomorrow's electricity system at UCL (Apr 22)Conferences
2016-03-303 teaching assistant positions at the computer science departement of ULBJobs
2016-03-24IFORS March NewsletterVarious
2016-03-19Foundational Workshop EWG Data Science For Optimization: Latest subscription day approachingConferences
2016-03-172nd Appel : Journée du GT Transport et Logistique du GdR RO - mercredi 30 mars -LilleConferences
2016-03-16First Meeting of the Euro Working Group on Pricing and Revenue Management, April 21-22 HamburgConferences
2016-02-27Streams at EURO Poznan, 3-6 July 2016Conferences
2016-02-24EWG Data Science For OptimizationVarious
2016-02-22Afternoon Conferences
2016-02-19Timetabling stream at EURO 2016, PoznanConferences
2016-02-17Summer school SPSAS-ACOConferences
2016-02-16minutes ORBEL general assembly 2016Various
2016-02-16 HPCS/POMCO'2016 Intl. Workshop + Special issue in A*-ranked journalConferences
2016-02-04Recrutement ingénieur InriaTech en RO chez INRIA LILLEVarious
2016-01-26ORBEL general assembly: january 28, 6pmVarious
2016-01-19Call for papers Mini Euro Conference DA2PL'2016Conferences
2016-01-15PhD Position: Constructive matheuristics for time-based optimisation problemsJobs
2015-12-17CFP: EU/ME 2016 Workshop on Design and Analysis of Metaheuristics - Antwerp, 17-18 March 2016Conferences