Networks Call of papers - special issue "Synchronisation in Vehicle Routing"

Posted by: Diego Cattaruzza
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this message is to draw your attention to the Networks Call of papers - special issue "Synchronisation in Vehicle Routing".
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Do not hesitate to contribute to the special issue and to spread the information around you.
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Networks Call of papers - special issue "Synchronisation in Vehicle Routing".
Guest Editors: Diego Cattaruzza, Stefan Irnich, Maxime Ogier, Frédéric Semet, Christian Tilk.
In classical Vehicle Routing Problems (VRPs), synchronization between vehicles is necessary only with respect to which vehicle visits which customer. However, there are many applications of VRPs having additional synchronization requirements with regard to spatial, temporal, and load aspects. Examples include load transfers between vehicles, trucks pulling detachable trailers, combined routing of vehicles and crews, synchronized operations of service technicians or home health care staff, synchronized routing of snowplows etc. Such types of VRPs have recently attracted more and more interest from the OR community.
We are particularly interested in receiving strong, innovative, and insightful works that focus on the latest research on synchronization applications, models, and algorithmic approaches within vehicle routing problems. These studies should make a significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge.
Please note that all papers submitted for this special issue will undergo the standard peer review procedures established by Networks.
****** Important dates
Submission deadline: April 26, 2024
Expected Publication: December 31, 2024
****** Submission guidelines
1) Connect to:
2) Click on "Start submission" and follow the steps.
3) Once at the "Additional Information" section, in the "Is this for a special issue?" zone, select "Yes, this is for a special issue" and then choose "SynchroTrans Workshop Special Issue" from the drop down menu.