ORTEC & KU Leuven Hackathon: Vehicle assignment

Posted by: Ben Hermans
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ORTEC is a global leader in planning and optimization solutions, helping businesses optimize their supply chain, logistics, and workforce planning. They collaborate with KU Leuven to incorporate cutting-edge research and technology into their solutions.


To address the needs of the Energy industry, ORTEC is organizing a two-week hackathon from September 11th to September 22nd. The contest challenges participants to develop an algorithm that can determine the optimal number of vehicles and their assignment to distribution centers, minimizing costs for simulated instances from forecasted demand.


Teams of 1-5 people will be provided a fixed set of distribution centers and forecasted demand data. They can use any methodology (e.g., operations research or machine learning) to create an algorithm with a runtime of less than 15 minutes on a standard computer that decides on the vehicle assignment.


The hackathon will begin with an opening day at the KU Leuven, where the problem will be presented and all involved parties will gather. Throughout the hackathon, ORTEC experts will be available for guidance and support. The final presentations will be held at ORTEC Belgium's location in Boortmeerbeek on September 22nd.


This hackathon offers an exciting opportunity for participants to collaborate with ORTEC and KU Leuven experts, tackling real-world optimization challenges in the Energy industry. It is a chance to showcase skills, develop efficient algorithms, and compete for recognition. Join the hackathon to make a difference in vehicle assignment and optimization, while contributing to the advancement of planning and optimization solutions.


Refer to the attached pdf for further information and send any questions to [email protected]. You can also directly register through the following link: Registration Hackathon ORTEC & KULeuven.