ORBEL: Publications

The journal 4OR, Quarterly Journal of the Belgian, French and Italian Operations Research Societies . Started in 2003, this refereed joint journal of three national Operations Research societies is offered free to all their members. It is published by Springer.

See more detailed information on the 4OR webpage, or directly on the 4OR Springer journal home page or look up the table of contents.

The former journal JORBEL stopped after the last volume 41 (2001). This refereed quarterly journal published scientific contributions ; special issues were devoted to particular topics and contained a review or tutorial paper. The most recent special issues were centered on General Heuristics, Production Management, Constraint Programming; a collection of tutorial lectures presented at the FRANCORO conference in 1996 also appeared.
A project codenamed Borsalino is currently aiming at putting the complete archives of JORBEL in electronic format freely available online.