The ORBEL Wolsey Award
Best OR related open-source implementation

What will you do with all your implementation work after your PhD? All too often, high-quality OR implementations (algorithms, heuristics, routines,...) a re discarded as soon as their author leaves the academic world. The ORBEL Wolsey Award has been created to support the student or PhD that wants to share his work with the community. It will reward the author of the best and most significant OR implementation contributed to Open-Source during the year. Be proud of your work, share it, be recognized for it and you can possibly enjoy the latest i-Pad !

This Award is sponsored by our partner N-SIDE.
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Look also at the ORBEL award sponsored by OM Partners.

Orbel Wolsey Award Winners

Please consult the N-SIDE website for more information
2017 Guillaume Derval OscaR-Modeling, a modeling layer for OscaR including transparent parallelism
2016 Filipe Brandao VPSolver - a vector packing solver based on an arc-flow formulation with graph compression
2015 Broes De Cat IDP + MinisatID – Multi-inference Knowledge Base System
2014 Nicolas Boumal and Bamdev Mishra ManOpt - A Matlab toolbox for optimization on manifolds
2013 Tias Guns CP4IM - Constraint Programming for Itemset Mining