PhD position ADELE (ANR)

Posted by: Yasemin ARDA
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Multi-objective models and algorithms for resource allocation under uncertainty in city logistics

The objective of this thesis is to study the problems of resource allocation and vehicle fleet sizing in urban logistics (last mile). The problems studied will be in the context of the needs of the industrial partner (Colisweb). This subject is part of an ANR project that has just started between several academic partners. The study framework is set in a tactical and operational context and requires considering uncertainty. The scientific challenge of the thesis is to take into account several objectives in addition to the classic cost objective. Examples of objectives that can be considered are equity between the different actors of the system and uncertainty by providing more or less robust solutions. A second aspect will be the proposal of optimization methods based on decomposition (Dantzig-Wolfe, Benders) to solve the defined problems.

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