Data Science meets Optimization at EURO 2019 in Dublin

Posted by: Patrick DE CAUSMAECKER
Contact:[email protected]

The working group Data Science meets Optimisation invites your to submit for one of the sessions below as part of ist stream at EURO 2019 in Dublin.

Last year, we enjoyed 11 presentations, 44 contributions and interesting discussions. Again, the two directions implied by the ‘meet’ keyword will be present.

The Role of Mathematical Optimization in Data Science, Vanesa Guerrero Dolores Romero Morales , submission code 89158f83

The Role Of Data Science in Optimization, Patrick De Causmaecker, submission code aaa9e1fb

Integrating Machine Learning in Optimization Methods, Kevin Tierney, submission code ec2676b2

Data Science in Optimization Algorithms, Andrew J. Parkes, submission code 560846b3

Graphs, Data and Optimization, Pieter Leyman, submission code 0c46541f

Optimization of Machine Learning Models, Dimitri Papadimitriou, 949f5b42

You are very welcome to submit to one of these through the conference website . Please, feel free to use the appropriate submission code.

Contributers to any of DSO activities in 2019 will be invited for a special issue later this year.

Looking forward to a great edition,

Ender Özcan ([email protected] )

Andrew J. Parkes ([email protected] )

Dolores Romero Morales ([email protected] ) 

Patrick De Causmaecker ([email protected] )

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