Euro PhD School "Data Science Meets Combinatorial Optimization", September 4-8 2023, Bielefeld

Posted by: Patrick DE CAUSMAECKER
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Dear colleagues


It is our pleasure to announce the first EURO PhD School on “Data Science Meets Combinatorial Optimization”to be held September 4-8 2023 in Bielefeld. We are grateful to the five top speakers that accepted to organise one day each on a central subject of their research and allowing us to cover five major subjects in the domain:


Kevin Tierney , Bielefeld University on “Deep Reinforcement Learning for Vehicle Routing Problems”

Marius Lindauer, Leibniz University Hannover on “Automated algorithm selection, construction and tuning”

Yingqian Zhang, Eindhoven University of Technology on “Optimization in Machine Learning”

Kate Smith-Miles, University of Melbourne on “Instance Space Analysis”

Dimitri Papadimitriou. University of Antwerp on “A third dimension for characterising algorithms: spatial properties”


Each day will be a combination of theory and practice with presentations and workshop sessions allowing an open discussion with the lecturers and their assistants.


Subscriptions are open till July 31st 2023. More information is available at .


Looking forward,


Many hanks to EURO, GOR, University of Bielefeld and its Faculty of Business Adminstration and Economics, SDS and JAII for the support.


The organisors


Michael Römer, Bielefeld University, 

Patrick De Causmaecker, KU Leuven, DSO.

Andrew Parkes, University of Nottingham, DSO

Ender Özcan, University of Nottingham, DSO


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