DSO Stream at EURO 2021 in Athens

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Dear Colleagues,
Forgive me the confusion in the title, and the double posting.
The message below is of course on the EURO conference in Athens, July 2021 (https://euro2021athens.com).
The IFORS conference of August 2020 has been moved to August 2021 (http://www.ifors2020.kr). The stream for DSO at IFORS 2020 is still on the program there, and could be seen as a continuation or an elaboration of the stream below. 
The working group is organising the stream on Data Science meets Optimization at EURO 2021 in Athens. 
Your contributions are welcome at https://euro2021athens.com  to one of the sessions below. Feel free to use the subscription codes.
Integrating machine learning in optimization methods    Kevin Tierney                                  41cab86f             
Optimization Models for Machine Learning                      Dimitri Papadimitriou                      934d3c59           
Better Decisions with Data                                            Yingqian Zhang                              7143c6ba            
Data-driven decisions in OR                                          Hatice Calik                                    0405b091           
Data Science and Metaheuristics                                    Ender Özcan                                  9fc8f979              
Emerging applications in data science and optimization     Kevin Tierney                                61767383           
Algorithm Configuration and Hyperparameter Optimisation   Daniel Karapetyan                             e071400d
Data Science and Optimization                                         Patrick De Causmaecker          f1910dba
Looking forward,
Patrick De Causmaecker
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