doctorate and master positions at Univ Lisboa

Posted by: Ines Marques
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Dear ORBEL members,

Under the project ImproveOR: Building Decision Support Tools for Improved Operating Room Management, it is expected to open by September an international selection competition for one doctorate and one master position (holding a PhD and a MSc degree, respectively) for the exercise of activities of scientific research, aiming at:


i. Developing comprehensive and innovative methods to improve operating room responsiveness to increasing surgical demand and to better coordinate surgical capacity and demand. Decision support tools are to be developed combining optimization approaches (based on multi-objective mathematical programming models, heuristics and simulation) to assist resource capacity planning decisions in the operating room, with structured participatory approaches to capture stakeholders’ views and preferences regarding the surgical patient flows and the planning and scheduling of surgeries. The developed methods will be tested and validated in two central hospitals of the Portuguese National Health Service.

ii. Support in the management of the ImproveOR: Building Decision Support Tools for Improved Operating Room Management project and in the scientific supervision of masters and doctoral students associated with the different research tasks to be developed in the project.


The competition is open for national and foreign candidates who hold a doctoral or master degree (to the doctorate and master position, respectively) in a branch of knowledge or specialty that covers the scientific area of  System Engineering and Management  or related scientific area.


The doctorate position is in the form of an employment contract under the Portuguese Labor Code, and has a monthly remuneration of 2334,30Euros.

The master position is in the form of a research grant and has a monthly remuneration of 980Euros (tax-free).


Both contracts have the duration of the project, up to 3 years.


If you have any question about these positions, please send me an email ([email protected]) or talk with me at OR conference within 3 weeks.


Best regards. 

Inês Marques


Departamento de Engenharia e Gestão

Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa