Workshop: Criteria Interactions in Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Posted by: Marc PIRLOT
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Criteria Interactions in Multiple Criteria Decision

June 9, 2017, Brussels (Belgium)

In recent years, aggregation procedures involving criteria interactions such as the Choquet and Sugeno integrals or the GAI networks have drawn the attention of many researchers and generated a wealth of contributions. Yet, in practical decision problems, the concept of criteria interactions is not that clear. Beyond the common sense intuition that criteria sometimes can show positive or negative synergies, can we observe clear manifestations of criteria interactions ? Can they be detected by queries to a decision maker formulated in terms of comparisons of alternatives? Is it possible to differentiate the types of interactions at work in the different aggregation models (Choquet, Sugeno, multilinear utility models, …)? Is there a general definition of interaction that could encompass the types of interaction in particular models ? The goal of this workshop is  to discuss such questions.

Venue : Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Campus Plaine, Bâtiment NO, 5th Floor, Salle Solvay

Registration is requested (for organizational purposes): please fill in the form attached and send it back by e-mail to Vinciane de Wilde with copy to


9 :00                      Welcoming the participants

9:15—10:15       Michel GRABISCH (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) : Interacting criteria in MultiCriteria Decision Making

10:15—10:45     Coffee break

10:45—11:30    Valérie BRISON (Université de Mons) :  Modelling contiguity in spatial decision models

11:30—12:15     Antoine ROLLAND (Université de Lyon 2) : Choquet optimal solutions : where are they ?

12:15—14:15    Lunch

14:15—15:00     Christophe LABREUCHE (Thales Research and Technology, France) : title to be announced

15:15—17:15     Round Table

Goal (ambitious) of the round table : come up with a definition of interaction valid for different models;   discussions will be triggered by 3 or 4 short presentations

17:15                    Closing

Organization and contact : Yves De Smet (Université libre de Bruxelles) , Brice Mayag (Université Paris-Dauphine, France) , Marc Pirlot (Université de Mons)

Acknowledgments   This workshop is organized with the support of the ALGODEC GDRI (« Groupement De Recherche International ») involving CNRS, FNRS, FNL.