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Dear ORBEL member,

If you, or your PhD-student, is interested in attending ELAVIO2016 via a EURO sponsorship (see the message below), please send an email to Pieter Vansteenwegen (pieter.vansteenwegen@kuleuven.be), indicating your interest, plus a short CV, a recommendation letter, and a short summary of work to be presented, before November 12, 2015.



Dear National Society Presidents and Representatives.

EURO will sponsor 2 trips for EURO young researchers to attend the ELAVIO 2016 School. Please see below the Call for Participation. We would be grateful if you could advertise this opportunity among your members. Please note that candidates will need language proficiency in Spanish and English, and also please note that the deadline for students to apply to their National Society is 30th November 2015.


With best wishes.



Call for Participation in ELAVIO 2016


EURO is pleased to announce the travel-sponsorship of up to two

participants to join the ELAVIO XX (ELAVIO 2016) - Latin-American Summer

School in Operations Research


ELAVIO 2016 will take place in the city of Cali, Colombia, between 9 and

13 May 2016

The ELAVIOs are schools supported by ALIO (the Latin-Iberoamerican

Association of Operations Research) and mainly are addressed to young

researchers and postgraduate students (both at the PhD and master level)

from Latin-Iberoamerican countries. However, Ph.D. students from all over

the world with excellent skills and special interest in the areas of

Operations Research, Informatics, and Applied Mathematics are also welcome

to apply.


The ELAVIO 2016 will take place in Cali which is known as the

"world capital of salsa" and is the third largest city in Colombia with

about 2.5 million inhabitants. Cali has a cultural, culinary and tourist

offer that will significantly enrich the experience for participants. Host

universities will be the Universidad del Valle (School of Industrial

Engineering) and the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Department of Civil

and Industrial Engineering), two of the main centers of scientific

research in the region and the country. The event is also co-organized by

the Universidad de Medellín (Department of Basics Sciences) and the

Universidad de Antioquia (Department of Industrial Engineering).


ELAVIO 2016 will be held at the "Casa Santa Maria de los

Farallones" Foundation (better known as "Casa de las Palmas"), which is a

convention center for personal development managed by the Pontificia

Universidad Javeriana of Cali.


ELAVIO 2016 will include mini-courses, invited talks, as well as

discussion panels where participants can share their research

advances, open problems, and related issues. Selected contributed papers

from participants will be presented in special tracks.


Research topics of the school include, but are not limited to:

1.Combinatorial optimization and polyhedral theory; linear, nonlinear and

integer programming.

2. Metaheuristics and its applications.

3. Discrete, continuous and agent based simulation, stochastic processes

and probabilistic models.

4. Applications of operational research to problem solving in the areas of

sustainability, health care, logistics, agroindustry, engineering,

telecommunications, finance and production, among others.


The official languages of the school are: English, Spanish and

Portuguese. Talks and lectures will be either in English or in Spanish (in

the latter case with English slides). Candidates selected MUST be

proficient in both Spanish and English. More details with regard to this

topic will be published on the website.



Students interested in applying for travel grant must send the following

documents (pdf file format) to their National OR Society:

- short curriculum vitae to include evidence of language proficiency in

Spanish and English;

- a recommendation letter from an academic of the applicant's university

or institute;

- summary (max. 2 pages) of a work to present at the school in case of



After selecting the best candidate, the National OR Society will send

his/her document with a short recommendation letter to:


Professor Jacek Blazewicz

IFORS Vice President for EURO

Poznan University of Technology

Institute of Computing Science

60-965 Poznan, Poland

Tel: +48-61-8790 790

Fax: +48-61-8771 525

Email: jblazewicz@cs.put.poznan.pl


Important dates:

30/11/2015 ­ deadline for applications to be sent to National OR Society;

20/12/2015 ­deadline for the National Society to submit the candidates to


10/01/2016 - submission of the candidates to ELAVIO organizers;

30/01/2016 - deadline for confirming paticipation

9-13/05/2015 -­ ELAVIO 2016.


The accepted candidates will receive the travel grant from EURO and

accommodation grant from ELAVIO.