Conference Dinner


The conference dinner will take place on Thursday, May 25 starting at 18h30 in the restaurant UNL Club House, which is ideally located in the heart of the Parc de la Boverie.

Founded in 1873, the Union Nautique de Liège is located at the tip of the Boverie, between the Meuse and its Diversion. In the early days, it was housed in a small shed made of planks, but it continued to grow and, in 1931, became the building it is today. 150 years after its creation, this building, which enjoys a unique location in the heart of the Cité Ardente, shares its premises, which are steeped in history, with the Rowing Club and the UNL Club House.

How to get there

The exact address of the restaurant is
UNL Club House
Parc de la Boverie 2
4020 Liège