Research Manager Combinatorial Optimization

Posted by: Greet VANDEN BERGHE
Contact:[email protected]

KU Leuven, Department of Computer Science, is searching a Research Manager Combinatorial Optimization.  The job offer's details are available at



The research manager for Combinatorial Optimization will establish a new line of research, as well as support and further extend and valorize CODeS’ research at an international level in the domain of operations research. More specifically this includes the following responsibilities:

  • You follow and assess relevant internal and external developments within the research domain of operations research; your focus is on research topics directly coupled to optimization with human resources.
  • You recruit, coach and evaluate researchers, you define the work planning and you contribute to the creation of an inspiring environment for conducting creative, innovative research.
  • You coordinate and align research programs and activities and you contribute to the creation of a fitted research infrastructure.
  • By attending and organizing conferences and workshops, you expand CODeS’ national and international network in research and industry.
  • You publish research results, conduct lectures and participate in relevant working groups on a national and international level.
  • You initiate, attain and coordinate research project ideas. This includes knowledge acquisition of relevant national and international research programs, participation in project idea initiatives, negotiations with industrial partners and defining project plans.
  • You manage research projects and activities by tracking the project progress, by attending and organizing project meetings and by participating in and organizing of project collaboration initiatives.
  • You contribute to the inception and development of proof-of-concepts to demonstrate and evaluate research results, and you help to mature the most promising results towards prototypes.
  • You contribute to the development of the research strategy within the CODeS research group, and you translate the policy plan into operational goals.
  • You cooperate with KU Leuven corporate services (such as Leuven Research and Development) concerning contract issues and other valorization activities.
  • You compare internal research results with those of other research centers.

Knowledge and experience in the following research domains:

  • Discrete optimization algorithms, specifically heuristic methods (local search, metaheuristics), exact methods (integer programming) and hybrid methods (matheuristics)
  • Broad industrial and societal problem domain expertise, including scheduling, vehicle routing and timetabling in logistics and healthcare.
  • Efficient implementations of optimization algorithms in one or more modern programming languages.
  • Modelling human resource characteristics and their implementation.

Ph.D. in Operations Research or Computer Science.
Experience as a post-doctoral researcher in executing research and guiding PhD students.
Experience in the management and execution of national and international research projects.
Experience in research projects in collaboration with industry.
Experience in the definition of national and international research projects.
A track record of academic peer-reviewed publications which have demonstrable impact.
An international network spanning both industry and academia.
Affinity with the relevant national and international research and industrial community.
The ability to work independently as well as part of a research team.
Fluent in English, both written and oral.