DSO streams at IFORS 2020

Posted by: Patrick DE CAUSMAECKER
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The European Working Group on Data Science meets Optimisation wishes you a splendid 2020!
One fruitful activity you could now plan for is to participate in one of the streams at IFORS 2020
-   EWG?DSO Stream 
(You can find more information including instruction for submitting your abstract at https://www.euro-online.org/websites/dso/event/dso-stream-data-science-meets-optimisation-ifors2020/ ):
Integrating Machine Learning in Optimization Methods. Chair: Kevin Tierney code f5aa8377
Better Decisions with Data. Chair: Yingqian Zhang code 10eb80b7
Data Science and Optimization. Chair: Patrick De Causmaecker code a825f35d
Optimization Models for Machine Learning. Chair: Dimitri Papadimitriou code 4d71ef05
Emerging Applications in Data Science and Optimization. Chair: Kevin Tierney code deddbfe5
Data Science and Metaheuristics. Chair: Ender Özcan code 3f8fadc2
Data Science in Optimization Algorithms. Chair: Andrew J. Parkes code 17bec5d1
Graphs, Data and Optimization. Chair: Pieter Leyman code ca41ac6e
The Role of Mathematical Optimization in Data Science. Chair: Vanesa Guerrero code 90d1408b
Advances in Optimization. Chair: Adam Górski code 776964cd
Industrial Optimization. Chair: Grzegorz Pawlak code be1e2396
Stream on Theory of Metaheuristics. Chair Patrick De Causmaecker code 8a86d056
Best wishes, and looking forward to meet you at IFORS 2020
On behalf of the working group,
Patrick De Causmaecker