PhD/teaching position - machine learning/IS HEC-ULiege

Posted by: Michael SCHYNS
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HEC Liège, the Management School of the University of Liège (Belgium) has an opening for a PhD/Teaching Assistant position in the domain of

Machine learning/statistical methods applied to information systems


The PhD candidate will work on exciting research projects lying at the confluence of machine learning and information systems, including

• Detection of incoherencies in technical specifications

• Generation of domain models (class or ER or ER diagrams) from textual specifications

• Modelling (formal) of business processes from textual descriptions.

Novel algorithms and techniques will be developed to support or fully automate the aforementioned applications.

The candidate will have the opportunity to work with top researchers at the junction of information systems, business analytics and machine (deep) learning, in a varied of applied, industrial projects as well as in theoretical research.

She/he will join a team of several PhDs within HEC Liège working on machine learning applied to various domains, such as medicine, marketing and finance. Furthermore, the candidate will be able to tap in a large network of international researchers, in the EU region and in Asia.


In addition to research, the candidate will have the opportunity to actively participate in courses given at the bachelors’ and masters’ levels, covering domains such as

• Information Systems (ERP systems, Business Process Modeling)

• Business Analytics (introductory course to machine learning and statistics applied to business)

• Text Analytics

• Introductory maths courses (algebra, statistics and probabilities)

• Operations Research

Overall, the candidate is expected to devote 40% of the time for teaching and 60% for research.

More information on the teaching and research activities of the group can be found at


The suitable candidate should have

• A recognized masters degree (typically 120 ECTS in Belgian universities) in business analytics information management, statistics, machine learning or general computer science

• Programming skills, especially in Python (scikit-learn), Java, C++

• Be fluent in English

• Some knowledge of the French language (and if not, follow appropriate courses provided by the University)


Application Procedure

Interested candidates are invited to apply for this position by sending an email, with their CVs (and publication list, if any) to Professors

• Samedi Heng, [email protected]

• Ashwin Ittoo, [email protected]

• Michaël Schyns, [email protected]

The email header should clearly mention “PhD/Teaching Assistant” position.

Deadline: 31st Oct. 2018