General assembly, Thursday, February 1, 17.15

Posted by: Pieter VANSTEENWEGEN
Contact:[email protected]

Dear ORBEL member,

Since you receive this email, you are considered as a member of ORBEL. Therefore, you are invited to the ORBEL General Assembly, scheduled on Thursday, February, 1 at 5.15 pm (between the presentations and the conference dinner), room 130. 

This is the agenda:

1.            Approval of the minutes of the GA of February, 2, 2017

2.            Approval of the OR Activity report 2017 (Pierre)

3.            Approval of the OR Publications activity report 2017 (Yves)

4.            Financial report 2017 (Bernard)

5.            Approval of the consolidated accounts of 2017 and the budget for 2018 (Bernard)

6.            Clearance for the board of administrators

7.            Membership fees for 2019

8.            Dismissals and nominations for the Board of Administrators

The following administrators should be re-elected for the years 2018-2019:

  • Arda, Yasemin
  • Blondeel, Wouter
  • Chevalier, Philippe
  • Crama, Yves
  • David, Benoit
  • De Baets, Bernard
  • De Causmaecker, Patrick
  • De Smet, Yves
  • Fortz, Bernard
  • Janssens, Gerrit
  • Kunsch, Pierre
  • Mélot, Hadrien
  • Pirlot, Marc
  • Schyns, Michaël
  • Vanden Berghe, Greet
  • Vansteenwegen, Pieter
  • Van Vyve, Mathieu
  • Wittevrongel, Sabine

We will assume, by default, that all current Board members are candidates for renewal of their mandate. Proposals for additional new nominations should be sent to the president prior to the Board meeting.

Kind regards,

Pieter Vansteenwegen         Michaël Schyns

ORBEL secretary                       ORBEL president