IFORS News - December issue

Posted by: Bernard FORTZ

The IFORS News December issue is available at http://ifors.org/newsletter/ifors-december-2016.pdf
Find answers to:
1) How do Combinatorial Auctions work in Vehicle Routing?
2) How does the body’s immune system provide inspiration for lifelong learning in optimization?
3) What is Behavioral OR?
4) How many dentists does Sri Lanka need?
5) What on line resources are available to an OR analyst/consultant?
Learn what is brewing for the Triennial Conference – IFORS2017; Send in your abstracts! OR for Development activities – the Prize competition and the ICORD details are also here.
OR  News  Around the World
Read about the recent initiative to build a federation of OR Societies in Africa and the recently concluded Latin American regional conference held in Chile. Turkey, China, Germany and the Philippine conferences are featured here.  Save the date for the Asia Pacific Meeting in Nepal in 2018! Meet our national Society member from Israel, and learn about Doctoral program activities supported by IFORS.