Energy experts discuss tomorrow's electricity system at UCL (Apr 22)

Posted by: Bernard FORTZ
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Dear colleagues,
A special event "Defuse the Energy Future" will take place at UCL on the
evening (5:45pm) of April 22nd:
nine renowned experts on energy will discuss tomorrow's electricity system:
- Tomorrow, we shave gratis (get the market ready for renewables)
- The Super, The Micro and the Smart (what kind of electricity network do
we want?)
- Revamping the concept of energy efficiency (flexibility versus sobriety)
Registration is free but mandatory, please visit

Earlier on the same day (3pm) Arnaud Latiers will publicly defend this PhD
thesis "Frequency Containment Reserve from Energy Constrained Loads". And
in the morning (11am) prof. G. Andersson from ETH Zurich will give a
seminar on "The Future Electric Power System Developments and New Analysis

See all details in the attached file.