European Study in OR/MS Education

Posted by: Michael SCHYNS

European Study in OR/MS Education

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Significant improvements in OR/MS Education have appeared in the last few years, but further developments and applications are still needed. In particular, the key factors related to OR/MS programs in higher education (HE) should be outlined. Considering the international cooperation context, fellow partners from some European institutions are combining efforts in this study on OR/MS Education.

The main purpose of this study is to contribute to an overview of good practices in OR/MS education at European level. A kick-off survey aims to learn from the most recent developments in the enrolment of students, the reduction in 1st year students' failure rates and the promotion of continuity, the value of OR/MS courses as perceived within HE programs, and the transition of graduates onto the Labour Market.

This survey is directed at HE boards, deans and school directors, OR/MS program coordinators, course developers, professors, researchers, and other OR/MS professionals, and it is carried out with the collaboration of several European organizations and OR/MS national associations.

The main survey results are to be presented during OR/MS meetings, at national or European level, in concordance with the collaborating institutions and the OR/MS national societies. In addition, interviews or further questionnaires may be considered to clarify specific issues or topics as and when they arise.

Thanks to the support of Springer-Verlag, 60 randomly chosen respondents will receive an electronic copy of the book from the series EURO Advanced Tutorials on Operational Research:

Linear and Mixed Integer Programming for Portfolio Optimization

Authors: Mansini, Renata, Ogryczak, W?odzimierz, Speranza, Grazia

Completion of the survey should take no more than 10 minutes.

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The survey will be open until 31-October-2015 through the EU’s survey portal: